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well where do I start....... 3 years ago, I officially stopped playing (some would say I stopped playing years before), but it was a decision that was not forced upon me through injury or age... it was down to work commitments, and that was incredibly hard to take. Especially for a guy who lived for two things... his family and his football.

With the end of one chapter, starts a new one, and with football still playing a massive part in my daily thoughts, I approached Graeme Mathie at Hibernian FC, where he gave a job carrying out some scouting duties for him. Graeme knew me from our childhood and was great with me, and he probably doesn’t know it, but the effect he has had on me via brief chats, over emails or in rare meetings... it has given me a new purpose....... and that is leading me down the “football agent” route, and believe you, me, that was not a route I have chosen lightly.

I believe I have all the credentials and experience to be a massive help to young players coming through. And that’s what I intend to do. Over the last 3 years I have met some really good ones, like Gary McGregor from 14SM, who was excellent with me. He was someone who was similar to myself in the way we looked at the game and the business.

There are agents or intermediaries as they are now called, everywhere... and most are in it for one reason £££...and most of the ones I have spoken to have never played the game or understand the pressures of being a player.. well as much as money is important and this a business, that’s not the reason I am involved. My views on being a football agent are simple.... I want to be there for my players in every aspect of their career, I want to encourage and support, i want them to make a money.....i want to tell them the truth about where I believe they can get too or what they need to do to get there. I never had this support in my playing days and although parents play a big part, I can tell you now, that if I had, had better guidance during my career, then I might not be writing my first blog about becoming a football agent. My working & football life has taught & gave me all the tools I require to be a success at this, and for those who REALLY know me... will understand how much this game means to me. I will continue to learn and grow as start my journey... but I am more than ready.

For me football is like no other industry and I have worked in the real world since I was 16. For me being a footballer was always going to play apart in my life, as from the age of 15, I was determined to get myself into the football management game "championship manager".... so, the level I was going to operate at was irrelevant......but when I signed for Airdrie in July 2007 age 26 and already a father, I soon Realized that this was a completely different world. This was not a computer game...this was real, and this is how footballers paid their experience was not how I imagined, But I loved every minute of it (even if I nearly died in the process) and that's why.... although I didn't have the career, I set out to have, I would not change it for anything, so here we go with new chapter!

This was the first time I have written anything like this, and my idea is to update my blog each week through the website.... everyone has had different experiences or has different opinions of the game, and I plan to use my Global FC platform to share mine.


David Gillies

Head of Football Operations

Global Football Consultancy

15th November 2018


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